Downtown Sign Grant Program

Business signs that project perpendicular from the storefront are readily visible from the sidewalk rather than from the street.   They foster a pedestrian friendly downtown atmosphere and encouraging people to explore and shop.

With projecting signs, pedestrians can stand on the sidewalk and see where each business is located without going back into the street or driving a car.

The Main Street Program will provide a matching (50/50) grant to eligible businesses for the purchase and installation of projecting signs. The maximum grant available to any business is $300.

The program is being conducted from July 2013 through June 2014.  Preference for selection will be for businesses in the core

downtown area that meet the eligibility criteria.  There is an application cut-off date of November 1, 2013, after which EDA will determine the successful grant applications.  Applications received after this date may be considered by EDA if money remains in the budget.

Applicants will submit firm cost proposals and show that at least two bids have been obtained.  A full scale mock-up of the sign will be submitted with the application.  Signs which have an artistic nature are encouraged.  Once installed and proof of payment for the signs and installation has been submitted, the business owner will be reimbursed one-half of the actual cost, not to exceed $300.  Business owners are responsible for applying for and paying for the Estacada City sign fee, and show proof in application.


Businesses within the Estacada Downtown Area, as defined by the Urban Renewal District, that are built directly adjacent to sidewalks are eligible for this program.


Signs must project perpendicularly from the front of businesses and meet all provisions of the City’s Code.  No sign shall be greater than 36 inches wide and 24 inches high.  The signs must be made of any durable, long lasting, non rusting material and must be rigidly supported so that the sign does not swing (for instance, if chains are used to support the sign, the links must be permanently welded to form a rigid structure).

For an application or more information contact the main street manager at the information below.